When I talk to my friends, when they hear that I have a cat, they immediately think THAT I am a very loving and patient person. 

Compared to people who don't have cats, people who have cats are more peaceful, more content and less sick. This is true. 

And in modern medicine, the calming effects of cats on humans are increasingly being used in practical treatments.


Medical experiments have also shown that when people come into direct contact with cats, their blood pressure and pulse rate decrease, 

and they move more calmly and respond more calmly. Such is the effect of animal-assisted therapy. 

Some nursing homes and nursing homes, and even some high-intensity IT companies, 

are increasingly using cats to treat diseases and relieve stress.


Cats convey warmth and positive energy. The mere presence of a cat can be relaxing. It can help people break down barriers and barriers. 

Although cats cannot replace human companions, their presence can reduce human loneliness. 

Moreover, cats are very patient listeners. Many people who keep cats have the habit of chatting with cats, and cats will quietly listen to you, 

and sometimes meow meow reply, which makes people feel very happy.