The importance of good litter for cats


Cat food, litter, toys, bedpans, everything you need to keep a cat.  In fact, the most important thing to raise a cat is to solve the problem of cat excretion.  To this end, the major pet products manufacturers launched a variety of brands of cat litter products, convenient for thousands of families with cats.  For the sake of the health of the cat in the family, it is recommended that if possible, the cat should build a cat toilet similar to the squat toilet, or train the cat to share the toilet with people.  If you really can't change the habit of using cat litter, please be sure to choose a litter with less dust, stable quality and better quality.  Don't try to save money or be careless and spoil a lifetime of cat love.  Pine litter and bean curd litter are among the litter types that are relatively dust-free.  Pine litter is dust-free and easy to use, saving half the amount of litter compared to regular litter.  If money is tight, you can choose this type of cat litter, economical and durable, and big particles are not easy to take out, but also reduce cleaning.  Tofu cat litter is made of plant fiber and bean curd residue, so there is no excess dust in the raw material convenience.  In the process of use, the amount of dust is relatively small. At the same time, it is a food grade raw material, and there will be no harmful substances to the body of the cat.  Even if it is eaten by mistake, there is no harm to the health of the cat.  It is highly recommended if you have kittens or pregnant cats.  In addition, it can be directly degraded to flush the toilet, without any pollution, convenient for daily cleaning, can be said to be a necessary good product for home cats.  If you haven't tried it before, you can try tofu Kitty litter.  Crystal litter used to be dust-free, but tofu litter has gradually replaced it due to problems such as laborious production and chemical pollution.  

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