In 2024, the market sales of cat litter in China will reach 892 thousand tons

In 2024, the market sales of cat litter in China will reach 892 thousand tons

Since Kitty litter is a mature category that attracts a high percentage of cat owners, its progress depends largely on the growth in the number of households with cats, which has slowed recently. In addition (unlike pet food, where excellence is the main driver of dollar sales), the litter category lacks a stable new super-premium option, and the price point remains relatively flat.

40% of litter sales are through mass market channels, including big-box/supercenters (e.g., Wal-Mart) and supermarkets. For the foreseeable future, the bulk of retail sales will continue to be made through mass market channels - although incremental Internet sales will begin to grow for now.

Nonetheless, environmental concerns are increasingly becoming a factor in the market. While these clays do a great job of absorbing cat waste and odors, they're also hard on the environment, and cat poop itself can have an impact on the environment.

Natural and environmentally friendly pet products are a key driver of the growth of the overall pet market and have influenced all aspects of the market, with special significance in the cat litter category. Given the environmental and potential health effects of clay and silica pads, cat owners began looking for safer pets and more environmentally friendly natural alternatives. Therefore, the cat litter market is ripe for further development through natural and environmentally friendly products.

At present, there are many suppliers in China. The competition for cat litter is intense, with participants focusing heavily on bolstering their product lines through product line extensions, reformulations and new product launches, all supported by chain retailer relationships as well as extensive consumer marketing and advertising. Since Kitty litter is also an established category, it can be difficult for newcomers to break into -- challenging even for established brands seeking to acquire and even maintain. Among the suppliers, Nestle, Clorox, Church&Dwight and Mars are all leading manufacturers in China. PMC is the market leader in China.

Since 2013, the consumption of cat litter in China has increased from 122 kilotons in 2017 to 233 kilotons, with a compound annual growth rate of 17.46%. Globally, the United States and Europe are the main consuming regions. The popularity of cat litter in the Chinese market is growing rapidly, driven by increased downstream demand; We expect sales in China to reach 892 kilotons in 2024.

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